Meeting Notice – East Side

Local 2019
Membership Meeting

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

1025 Ivanhoe rd.
Cleveland, OH
(216) 761-8084
4:00 PM
General Business

New Site Features

There are a lot of new and exciting features being added to the local website.  We have recently added a FAQ page and a safety awareness page.  The safety awareness page will list reminders of safety rules, based on concerns that were brought up to local representation or meetings.  The page was created to learn from mistakes.  Also if you click on the Contact Us tab, there is now a place for you to leave feedback on the page, or if you have any suggestions for the new pages.  Be on the lookout for more to come!

Doug Wegryn Retirement

Doug hired out in September of 1975 on Penn Central Railroad, which became Conrail on April 1st of 1976. He worked at all the yards and shops in the surrounding Cleveland area, including Rockport, Collinwood, Whiskey Island and Fairlane.  He enjoyed wrecking on the Pettibone crane and block trucks over the years.

Doug was an officer of Local 2019 for 23 years and served a political internship with the TWU International in Washington D.C. He worked on many political campaigns which included being walk coordinator for the AFL-CIO Cleveland during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. He was a mentor for all of the younger members. Still answers communications when some of the younger officers have questions and ask for advice.


In 1999 when Conrail was bought out by Norfolk Southern and CSX, Doug then went on to work for NS and was the Gangleader at Rockport Shop. When the Company decided to build a new building for the Mechanical Department, he was instrumental in the planning, including adding heat to the storage building and office furniture design. For his contribution to this project, he received a Spirit Award for performance, the highest award given by Norfolk Southern. He enjoyed working with many of the guys over the years and had a lot of laughs. He will enjoy spending winters in Florida, traveling and sharpening his golf game.