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Berrier Dedicated to Safety

Ashtabula, Ohio, Carman Lyle Berrier makes safety a hallmark of his 41-year career.

Of all the things he did in his 41-year career, Carman Lyle Berrier enjoyed working as a safety trainer and interacting with co-workers the most.  He felt fortunate to spend his entire career in Ashtabula, Ohio.  Throughout his career, he worked variations of the carman craft, including car inspector and yard inspector.  Berrier handeled inbound and outbound cars, and took care of local customers.  he spent the final 20 years as rules and safety trainer.

"I enjoyed performing vaious inspections as a safety director,' he said.  "I liked serving customers in the coal and chemical industries.  I appreciated the variety."

Berrier's son began working as a carman and continued into management in Baltimore as a general car foreman.  The three years he spent working near his son were a gift.

"It is nice to now the rairoad will still be in the family," he said.  "We all want to go home safely.  It's a great accomplishment to have a long railroad career.  I hope my son can say the same thing about his career someday."

In retirement, Berrier looks forward to traveling with his wife, Jacquie.  He also will spend ample time on the golf course.

2015 FSA Enrollment Notice

Brothers this important notice should have been mailed to you. This benefit is fairly new to you this is the second year for us. To get the benefit you must review and apply timely. The internet has more information on this benefit at or  . We have discussed it at membership meetings both last year and this year as well. Any questions contact an officer or myself.

In unity,
Fred Fink  or 440-942-6016

Click here to view the flyer

TWU Bus Tour 2014

On September 23rd 2014 TWU local 2019 members went to a rally in support of the TWU Bus Tour.  The rally was held at Councilman Jeff Johnson's office in Cleveland, OH.  In attendance from Local 2019 were Nick Cinquepalmi, Mike Paragois, Doug Wegryn, and Eric Strodtbeck pictured from left to right in the below picture.

During the rally we heard speeches from Nina Turner who is running for Secretary of State, David Pepper who is running for Ohio Attorney General,  and John Patrick Carney running for Auditor of State.  Each candidate spoke for around 15 minutes and the message they were speaking on is voter registration.  They urged everyone in attendance at the rally to get out and vote, and to encourage others to get out and vote.  She also spoke on workers rights and the wage difference between men and women.  It was a great turnout at the councilman's office.  

Members Make A Big Improvement to Mac. Car Shop


Local members Robert Barnes and Dave Cunningham both donated flags for each branch of the military and the American Flag, to Macedonia Car shop.  Everyone at the car shop is excited for the new addition to the shop.  It is a constant reminder that there are still men and women fighting for our freedom.  It is also a great tribute to the ex-military forces we have working at the shop and all are honored with their flag. Special thanks to both of you for your service to our nation and our local. 


Bob Fulecki Retirement

Bob Fulecki retired July 1st with 41 yrs. of service. He hired out in December of 1973 for Penn Central; Bob also worked through the merger of Conrail and finished his career with Norfolk Southern, during his career he worked many locations including Fairlane, Collinwood, Whiskey Island, Rockport and Elyria yard which was his favorite. Bob enjoyed working with everyone. During the summer and fall he will be traveling to Maine, Tennessee and Illinois.  Keeping busy won’t be a problem for Bob helping his daughter out with three boys ages 13, 10, 2 and one on the way. Bob will also volunteer at cornerstone which is a non-profit prolife organization. We would like to wish him the best of luck for long happy retirement.