Monthly Archives: March 2016


Shelly Stone Company, an aggregate company, runs multiple stone trains a week through our yards and needed our help!
Shelly Stone Company was searching for an outside contractor to do the upcoming, FRA mandated single car air tests, on their leased fleet of LAFX (LaFarge) hopper cars before the stone season began. The contractor was unable to fill that need. NS management offered our services, and our members took on the task.
There were a total of 98 cars worked at Rockport, and 71 worked at Macedonia Car shop. The 71 cars worked at Macedonia Car Shop was in addition to keeping on task with production levels for the box car program . The exemplary teamwork displayed allowed our team to get all the cars tested and repaired in time for the upcoming stone season. This required multiple wheel changes for high impact wheels, failed portions and many other miscellaneous repairs found during the inspections. We had a total of over 54,000$ at Rockport and over 26,000$ worth of billable material and man hours for these cars alone!
We have many members who deserve praise from the Carmen performing the work; the men making sure we had the material to do the tasks, the gangleaders doing the billing and getting a timely switch so the customer could have their cars. This work shows the skill and abilities of our members. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the local supervision who showed the confidence in our members when they offered us to do this work. It shows how supervision recognizes the quality of the TWU members we have in this terminal. It also shows the company that they can count on our professionalism when given any task.

Carmen at Collinwod send some help to Furloughed Carmen

Recently at Collinwood CSX Carmen sent money to assist four furloughed carmen with a fund raiser. The fund raiser was a fifty fitty raffle it raised 600 dollars. The winner John Yakopovich donated all the winnings back to the cause I feel this is a true testament to the word solidarity and generosity.  It makes me proud to be a part of the work force here at Collinwood.  I would like to thank all people who gave to the cause especially John.

Jim Stannert