Presidents Corner

It is with great honor that I would like to thank everyone for their support and belief in my ability to continue Fred Fink’s legacy in this Local. We have all been truly blessed to have Fred leading us for all these years and for his countless hours and devotion that we have all seen him give. He will be missed, but through the great leadership we have all experienced, I am certain we will continue to keep this Local 2019 strong and moving forward.

It is a privilege to serve and represent each member, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. There is much to learn, and with this executive board and officers’ experience, knowledge, and character will no doubt allow me to serve you to the best of my ability. As your leader, I promise to never stop learning, never stop developing and strengthening bonds, and never stop fighting for what is right for each member. I will continue to keep the unity between the members strong and keep every person updated not only the at the local level, but also the international level. I encourage everyone to keep the lines of communication open with not only myself, but with any member of the union board. With the determination and commitment of the other union representatives, Chad Zemba, Bill Woods, Greg Petkosh, Eric Strodbeck, Nick Cinquepalmi, Jim Stannert, Bob Duraine, John Enos, Brian Janowicz and Andy Pesorda I am confident we will continue to be a strong and unified Local!

There are many obstacles that will arise, but working closely together I have no doubt in our ability to overcome and excel.  An effective leader can only be as strong as the powerful people he surrounds himself with. I’m proud to say, this group is very strong!

In unity,
Emmanuel “Mike” Paragios